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Dake Bibliography

Sample Entry found in the Dake Annotated Bibliography

Concerning the works of Clarence Larkin - "The following sources reflect only a portion of those known to have been used and cited by Finis J. Dake in his many writings."

Clarence Larkin. Dispensational Truth or God's Plan and Purpose in the Ages. Glenside, Pennsylvania: Rev. Clarence Larkin Estate, 1918. While there were a number of theologians creating and using charts around the turn of the 20th Century, Larkin is perhaps the most famous. Comparisons between the many charts of Larkin and Dake would be too vast for this work's purposes. For reference however, compare "The Threefold Nature of Man" on page 99 of Dispensational Truth with the image "The Tri-Unity of Man" on Dake's The Plan of the Ages Bible chart. See page 6 of Dispensational Truth on "Mountain Peaks of Prophecy" and God's Plan for Man, page 776, where Dake refers to seeing prophecy as mountain peaks. See the preface to Dake's Annotated Reference Bible where he speaks of this book by name. (God's Plan for Man, page 776; The Plan of the Ages Bible chart; Dake's Annotated Reference Bible, Preface.)

_______________. Rightly Dividing The Word. Glenside, Pennsylvania: Rev. Clarence Larkin Estate, 1920. A book on fundamental doctrines. Compare "The Five Great World-Wide Kingdoms" on page 38 of Dispensational Truth with the images in the Daniel section of Dake's The Plan of the Ages Bible chart. (The Plan of the Ages Bible chart.)

_______________. The Book of Daniel. Glenside, Pennsylvania: Rev. Clarence Larkin Estate, 1929. A very helpful book on Daniel. It seems clear that Dake gleaned a number of ideas from this work. Consider the division of the Grecian Empire into the control of four generals as stated on page 163 of The Book of Daniel and compare it with God's Plan for Man, page 786. (God's Plan for Man, page 786; Dake's Annotated Reference Bible O.T., page 877.)

_______________. The Book of Revelation. Glenside, Pennsylvania: Rev. Clarence Larkin Estate, 1919. A verse by verse commentary on the book of Revelation. Compare "The Key to the Book" on page 13 of The Book Of Revelation with Dake's Revelation Expounded, page 33. Also of special interest see page 74 of The Book Of Revelation by Larkin and compare it with God's Plan for Man, pages 83, 120, 131, 134, and 727. Here the thought of the pre-Adamite world inhabitants being the demons of this present world is discussed. (God's Plan for Man, pages 83,120,131,134,727; Revelation Expounded, page 33.)

_______________. The Spirit World. Glenside, Pennsylvania: Rev. Clarence Larkin Estate, 1921. For comparison see God's Plan For Man, page 745 concerning the underworld of departed spirits and compare it with the chapter entitled "The Underworld" in The Spirit World, page 47. (God's Plan For Man, page 745.)

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