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Dake Tapes 40

A Total of 236 Lessons!


Set 1 - God's Plan for Man - The Origin of All Things - 7 tapes


1-A       1. Contents: God?s Plan for Man

2. Simplicity of the Bible

3. Definitions, terms of Bible Ages


1-B       4. Times, seasons, eternal future, dispensations

5. 7 dispensations, from eternal past to eternal future

6. Holy Scriptures themselves - Names of the Bible, What the Bible is not. 


2-A       7. Word of God is divine inspired from God

8. Further facts concerning the Bible (Apocryphal Books)

9. Genuineness and authenticity of the Bible


2-B       10. More facts that the Bible is the inspired Word of God

11. How to interpret or how not to interpret the Bible

12. Simplicity of the Bible


3-A       13. True method of Biblical interpretation ? Hermeneutics

14. Historical sketch of Hermeneutics - Jewish Allegory

15. How to understand the Bible - Few "musts"


3-B       16. Truth about God - Definition of terms used

17. Interpretation of God as Spirit - John 4:24

18. What doctrinal books say about God, What the Bible says about God


4-A       19. God has a Spirit body with bodily parts

20. More proof God has a body and a spirit

21. Subject of God - personal soul and spirit facilities like man  - God in eternal past Drafting of God?s plan


4-B       22. The original creation by God - 3 in Trinity

23. Drafting of God?s Plan - Explanation of chart

24. Study of the Chart - from dispensation of law to the New Earth. The Underworld of Departed Spirits


5-A       25. The creation of the material universe

26. How, when, why God created and made the material  universe - Original social system

27. Satan and the Spirit world - angelic beings


5-B       28. Doctrine of Demons - their nature and work

29. Other Spirit beings - Man?s relation to Spirit world. Soul and Spirit of man

30. Doctrine of Satan - what he is according to scripture


6-A       31. Origin of Satan - Fall - Work - Method -Character First ruler of earth (Lesson 6)

32. Pre-Adamite world - Overthrow of the first social system (Lesson 7)

33. Free moral agency of Angels and men


6-B       34. Earth?s first sinful career - Moses? teaching of the overthrow of the Pre-Adamite earth

35. Isaiah?s and Ezekiel?s teaching

36. Original earth overthrow - Jeremiah, Jesus, Peter


7-A       37. Overthrow of pre-Adamite world - teaching of Paul and John

38. The story of Re-creation - Earth made perfect a 2nd time

39. The work of the first six days


7-B       40. Adam the new ruler of earth

41. Dispensation of Innocence - Definition and Length
42. Favorable beginning of man - Test and purpose


Set 2 - God's Plan for Man - God's Historical Dealings with Man - 10 tapes

8-A       43. Failure of Man

44. Result of transgression of God?s word

45. Man?s penalty discussed - physical, spiritual and eternal death


8-B       46. Doctrine of Providence; Definition of 5-fold sphere of Divine Abundant Promises

47. God?s providence ? Prosperity

48. God?s providence - Healing and Health


9-A       49. God?s providence - All of Man?s wants and needs       

50. God?s providence - The ultimate purpose and final end

51. Benefits and what God does in carrying out His plan


9-B       52. Dispensation of conscience - definition - length ? test

53. Purpose, means, failure

54. Failure of Cain, Seth and their descendents


10-A     55. Sons of Seth - Failure of man in general. Failure of Sons of God

56. Marriage of the Sons of God - Define specific act of creation

57. Two eruptions of the fallen Angels among men and Giants


10-B     58. Dispensation of conscience - Judgment of God upon man Size of Noah?s ark

            59. Why God?s Plan for Man was not realized - (Lesson 12)

60. Why men fail to get benefits provided in God?s Plan


11-A     61. Dispensation of Human Government - Definition, laws given to Noah

62. Christian and Human government

63. Dispensation of Human government - Beginning Test - Purpose - Means


11-B     64. Failure of Man in Human Government

65. Divine healing and Divine Health

66. Divine healing - All sickness of Israel - Chaos - Remedy - Result


12-A     67. Diseases and affliction found in O.T. (over 50 cases)

68. Cases of sickness and healing in N.T. (23)

69. Innumerable cases of healing by believers before Pentecost


12-B     70. Cases of healing by believers and Christ - Paul?s snake bite

71. Causes of sickness and disease

72. Lessons gleaned from a study of the Bible cases of sickness


13-A     73. No excuse for God?s people being sick

74. Lessons on Divine healing to all believers

75. Healing in the Atonement - There should never be a sick Christian


13-B     76. Healing proves that Jesus lives today

77. Healing is natural result of certain conditions

78. Healing and health is a personal choice


14-A     79. Excuses of unbelief answered by scripture

80. It is God?s will to heal

81. Scripture proves God?s will to heal


14-B     82. Dispensation of promise - Definition 430 years Length, favorable beginning

83. Various laws added ? Test

84. Purpose


15-A     85. Dispensation of Promise - (Lesson 15)

86. Dispensation of Promise ? Continued

87. Asking and receiving from God - What is Prayer? General Facts


15-B     88. The certainty of answered prayer

89. The secrets of asking and receiving; Scientific proof of answered prayer

90. Secrets of asking and receiving from God


16-A     91. Asking and receiving from God

92. Illustrations of boldness in importunity

93. The word of God and prayer - fasting and prayer


16-B     94. Power of United Prayer

95. Dispensation of Law - Definition - Length, favorable beginning, purpose, test

96. Why dispensation of law was done away with. God?s purpose in giving Law of Moses


17-A     97. What was wrong with the Law of Moses?

98. Failure of Israel in the Dispensation of Law

99. Reign of King Solomon - Cost of the temple


17-B     100. Dispensation of Law, Canon of the O.T. Judgment of God - Provision of redemption

101. What the O.T. is not, It?s calling and purpose, future

102. Dispensation of Grace - Definition and benefits


Set 3 - God's Plan for Man - God's Present Dealing with Man - 13 tapes


18-A     103. What Grace really is - False theories about Grace

104. 30 Things Grace cannot do

105. Length, favorable beginning, test, purpose, means Failure of man, judgment, God?s provision


18-B     106. The philosophy of redemption

107. The New Testament program for the modern church

108. Miracles done by the Apostles and Elders


19-A     109. The power every believer in Christ should exercise - Need of the Modern Church

110. New Testament program for the modern church

111. The truth about Jesus Christ?s pre-existence; Deity, Divinity, names, attributes - Office of Jesus


19-B     112. The humanity of Jesus Christ - 10 points

113. The union of the natures of Jesus Christ

114. Why Jesus is not the Father of the Holy Ghost


20-A     115. Facts that prove Jesus is not the Father

116. That theory of Eternal Sonship (8 points)

117. Points 4-8


20-B     118. The Kenosis of Christ

119. What did Christ empty Himself of (18 points)

120. What does our Lord?s Kenosis teach us?


21-A     121. Christian Power of Attorney ? Definition

122. How Christ gained this Power of Attorney

123. How Christ practiced this Power of Attorney


21-B     124. Necessity of faith in the exercising of the Power of Attorney

            125. Moral Law and Moral Government

126. The Bible doctrine of sin


22-A     127. Reasons sin is not a part of man?s original makeup

128. What is sin?

129. Pertinent questions on the doctrine of sin


22-B     130. Doctrine of Sin - Can man overcome sin in himself?

131. How to get ride of sin and sickness

132. The truth about the Holy Spirit


23-A     133. The Holy Spirit is not the Father nor the Son

134. The Holy Spirit has a body, soul, and Spirit, like the Father and the Son

135. The gift and fruit of the Holy Spirit


23-B     136. Questions about the gifts of the Holy Spirit

137. Questions concerning the gifts of the Holy Spirit

138. Classification and definition of the 9 gifts of the Spirit


24-A     139. Human excuses for not having the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit

140. Doctrine of the Trinity - Names of God in the Old Testament

141. Names of God in the New Testament


24-B     142. Names of God in the Old Testament

            143. Other proof in the Old Testament of three persons in the Godhead

144. Faith - How to attain to all needs of life. What faith is; Kinds of faith


25-A     145. The New Testament Church - What it is ? calling

146. Organization of the New Testament Church; Purpose, formation, origin

147. Nature and government of the N.T. church


25-B     148. Officers of church ? organization

149. Government and church laws - water baptism

150. N.T. Church - Water baptism - Mode baptism


26-A     151. Many concrete examples of people being saved and having sins remitted without water baptism

152. Water Baptism (Figurative)

153. Other Bible evidence disproving salvation by water


26-B     154. The ordinance of the Lord?s Supper - Washing of Saints? feet

155. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit - General Facts

156. When the Baptism in the Holy Spirit was first given


27-A     157. Illustration of a filling and a Baptism-purpose

158. Importance of the Spirit Baptism (18 points)

159. Bible evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit


27-B     160. The definition of Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God

161. The Kingdom of Heaven parables - Proof Old Covenant - nature ? rules

162. The Old and New Covenants - Proof Old Covenant was abolished


28-A     163. Why the laws of Moses were abolished. Meats and abolished

164. Contracts - Illustration of the Old and New Covenant

165. Concerning the Commandments. Why it was abolished


28-B     166. Laws of Moses were done away with

167. Why do Christians keep the first day of the week?

168. What the Bible does not say about keeping the Sabbath


29-A     169. The Bible doctrine of salvation - Lesson #23 - Sixty phases of salvation

            170. The Bible doctrine of salvation - Truth about sanctification

171. Meaning of Sanctification


29-B     172. When does sanctification begin according to the New Testament

173. Continued

174. When are men justified? Ten Points


30-A     175. To what extent is a sinner sanctified?

176. Sanctification does not begin after justification

177. The truth about eternal security - Lesson #35


30-B     178. 15 Great Covenants of Scripture and British Israelism

179. Points to prove Anglo Saxonism unscriptural

180. Where are the dead? Scriptural death - the doctrine of immortality


Set 4 - God's Plan for Man - God's Future Dealings with Man - 10 tapes


31-A     181. Bible proof of the immortality of the soul and spirit    

182. Immortality of the soul and spirit

183. Testimonies of dying wicked men - Infidels and Christians


31-B     184. Testimonies of dying wicked and dying saved men

185. Future immortality of the body

186. State of the dead


32-A     187. Five departments of the underworld of departed spirits

188. Eternal death and punishment of the wicked


32-B     BLANK


33-A     189. The seven judgments of the scriptures

190. Daniel - How to understand prophecy - Chapter 1 - Nebuchadnezzar?s dream

191. Chapter 1; - History of Daniel - Chapter 2 - Nebuchadnezzar?s Kingdom - 5 Kingdoms thereafter


33-B     192. Daniel - Chapter 2 and 3 - Thousand Year Reign ? Eternal Kingdom

193. 10 Kingdoms - Chapter 2:44 - 3

194. Hebrew children - Daniel in the Lion?s Den


34-A     195. 4 Beasts - Chapter 6 and 7 

196. Chapter 8 - 4 Kingdoms - Daniel?s Dream 

197.Chapter 7 - 10 Kingdoms - 10 Kingdoms out of Old Roman Empire


34-B     198. Review Chapter 7:9 - First and Second Coming of Christ 4th

199. God in visible form

200. Daniel 7:14-18 - Daniel 7:19-24


35-A     201. Final formation of 10 Kingdoms; Chapter 7 and 8 - Kingdoms - Rev. 13 and 17

202. Ram and the He Goat - Chapter 8 ? Chapter 8:30 - Ram - verse 21 - Rough Goat; verse 23 - Russia will not overcome the Jews

203. Review Chapter 1 through 8 - Review - Coming of Anti-Christ


35-B     204. Chapter 8:23 - Coming of Anti-Christ - Anti-Christ coming from 1 of 4

205. Chapter 11 - Review - Anti-Christ from Syria 

206. Daniel?s 21 days of Prayer


36-A     207. Daniel 9; 70 seven of years, leaving 1-7 years - Church Age - 9:24 - 6 things

208. Daniel?s seventieth week

209. First half of 3 ? years of tribulation


36-B     210. Second half of 3 1/2 years ? Tribulation

211. Review ? Chapters 8-10-12

212. Tribulation - Review - Chapter 11:44


37-A     213. Chapter 11:44-45 - Chapter 12 - Take over Palestine reign 42 Months

214. 144,000 ? Manchild

215. Repeat Chapter 9:24. Six things to finish transgression


37-B     216. Repeat to emphasize

217. Daniel 8: Daniel?s week 

218. Rapture before start of week


38-A     219. Chapter 1-3; Things seen, which are and shall be hereafter 4:1 through 22:21

220. Doors opening - Heaven Rapture ? Church removed

221. Chapter 5 Chapter :6-7 - Seals


38-B     222. Seven trumpets - 15 and 16 chapters and chapter - 7 vials

223. 2 witnesses - Sun-clothed woman and manchild

224. 144,000 - Chapter 12 and 14


39-A     225. Chapter #13 - 2 Beasts - Number 666 ?

226. Rise of Anti-Christ  

227. Anti-Christ?s Kingdom - He will not rule the world - Anti-Christ?s name or mark unknown


39-B     228. Woman on beast - Chapters 16-17; 7 vials

229. Mystery Babylon - Literal Babylon


40-A     231. Visible return of Christ

232. Millennium - 1000 year reign of Christ

233. God All of All


40-B     234. New Heaven and New Earth

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