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Dake Bible
Dake Bible Sizes

Thoughts On Dake Bible Sizes

If you would like to receive three actual pages from the three different sizes of the Dake Bible Click Here!

My personal observations on the Sizes and Readability of the different sizes of the Dake Bible. A little about me: I am 49 years old and do not wear glasses of any kind. My eyesight is normal for a person my age.

Compact Edition (3 column)

  • The KJV text is a clear and sharp digital font.
  • The KJV text is about the same size as the "large note" Bible (no longer in print).
  • I have to focus my eyes just a tad to see the Compact Edition, whereas I do not have to make this same focus adjustment with the Standard Edition (the text is a little darker). However, once my eyes have focused on the text it is easier to read than the Standard Edition.
  • The notes, while not seeming to be a larger type, are easier to read than the KJV text.
  • I have shown this Bible to those who wear reading glasses to read everything. They say this edition is easy to read and presents no problems at all. Of all the Dake Bible sizes available it is their Bible of choice.
  • This edition is the smallest Dake Bible made, easy to carry, easy to thumb through, and a joy to take to Church and Bible studies. I would suggest that you purchase this Bible if your vision is good or if you normally wear reading glasses. If not, you should consider one of the two choices below.
  • The Compact Dake font size is 7 pts. 
  • Click here for more information on the Dake Bible Compact Edition. 

Standard Edition (4 Column)

  • The KJV text is a standard print used in the 1960?s.
  • The KJV text is a little "darker" than the Compact Edition but smaller in size than the Large Print Edition.
  • The notes in this edition are a little smaller than the KJV text, however this presents no problem for readability.
  • There are those who say that the type in this edition is too small. For some with vision problems this may be true, however I think I have another idea. When the Standard Edition is opened you see 2 pages. On each page you see 4 columns. Thus when this edition is opened you see 8 columns side by side. This view appears to make some people feel the text is too small, when in actuality, it appears to me, that they are just seeing what I call: "a busy page." In other words, a couple of pages with a lot of print on them!
  • This edition is the medium size Bible in the Dake Bible line. It is of moderate size, and of similar size as other full sized study Bibles. I would suggest that you purchase this Bible if your vision is good or if you normally wear reading glasses. If you are debating between the Compact Edition and the Standard Edition, and that debate centers around vision, all things being considered, I would suggest the Standard Edition. If you are really concerned about vision problems, then the Large Print below would be the better choice.
  • Click here for more information on the Dake Bible Standard Size Edition. 

Large Print Edition (3 Column)

  • The KJV text is a clear and sharp digital font.
  • The KJV text is a lot larger than the Standard Edition.
  • The notes in this edition are just a little larger than the KJV text.
  • This by far is the easiest Bible to read. If you need to see things a little bigger when you read, this is indeed the Bible you should purchase.
  • The Large Print Bible has 10 pt font size.
  • Click here for more information on the Dake Bible Large Print Edition. 

For Those With Special Vision Needs - The above discussion has been given for those with normal vision or some vision problems; that is where age or slight vision problems are concerned. If you have severe vision problems, then it may be that none of the above Dake Bibles would suit your needs. If this is the case then I would consider two other options.

  • The Dake Bible on Computer - If you are readying this, you must have access to a computer. You might want to consider purchasing the Dake Reference Library. With this computer edition of the Dake Bible you can set your monitor display and the size of the font to suit your needs. Here you will have access to the KJV text, all the Dake notes, as well as most every other book Dake has written. Click here for more information on the Dake Bible Software.
  • The Dake Teaching Tapes - Much of the Dake teaching has been preserved on cassette tape. There are a number of sets available at differing price points. This is an excellent way to hear the Word of God along with Dake?s teachings on various Bible subjects. Click here for more information on the Dake Teaching Tapes.

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