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Dake Compact

Now you can carry your Dake with you? to church, work, anywhere you go!

The All New Dake Compact Bible. This is the "2nd edition" of the Compact Dake Bible and is shipping now! This "2nd edition" is slightly larger than the first printing of the Compact Dake Bible. It is still the smaller, more lighter and most portable version of all the Dake Bibles. The Compact Dake Bible has the same layout and design as the Large Print Bible, but it's about 28 percent smaller!

A Trusted Study Bible For Years! For over forty years The Dake Annotated Reference Bible has been the world?s most comprehensive Bible Study tool. Now, with an all-new layout and design, the Compact Dake Bible is an even more usefully resource. Every Bible word is listed in the updated Cyclopedic Index. Scripture and study notes are presented together in an easy-to-read three-column format. Biblical customs are explained, key Hebrew and Greek words are defined, and prophetic passages are noted.

About The Size! Three inches have been trimmed off the size of Standard Bible. Easy to read and lighter to carry, the New Compact Dake is everything you want in a Study Bible?and less! Ok, let me answer the Question I know you will be asking. How come the Dake Bible is now in a compact version when some people have trouble seeing the Standard Size Dake? If the Dake Bible is any smaller, how will I be able to read it?

My Answer! The Dake Bible is smaller in size, but you can still read it every bit as easy, if not better than the Standard Size Dake. Remember that the Standard Size Dake was put together in 1962. Then, rather than a computer (none available in 1962) an IBM Selectric typewriter was used. (The best thing going at the time!) Over the years, the same "paper" masters where used to print, print, print, and reprint, and reprint, the Standard Size Dake. During these years of reprinting, the text which at first was clear and sharp, has gotten large and "fat." Thus, the Standard Size Bible with its 4 columns of text seemed to fill the page with a "ton" of type and print. It just looked very "busy" and sometimes overwhelming to some.

Dake gets a new idea! In the early 1990's the folks at Dake got the idea that if they changed the formatting to 3 columns they would be able to increase the size of the text. Thus the Large Print Dake came into existence. This large print edition, which is set in state of the art computer and digitized print, has been a best seller every since it was released a couple of years ago.

One good ideal brings another! Why not take the NEW Large Print Dake which was done in clear, sharp computerized type,... reduce it by only 30%,... and see how it looked. Well, to everyone's amazement the reduced large print Dake was smaller than the Standard Size Bible, yet easier to read, because of the clean type that was present.

It is almost a miracle: A Dake Bible (3 column format), smaller than the Standard Size, yet easier to read. A Dake Bible you can carry in one hand! A Dake Bible you can open up on your lap without your legs going to sleep! A Dake Bible that though you should drop it, it want break your foot! Well you get the picture.

Remember, the Compact Dake is just like the Large Print in everyway, yet smaller. Smaller than the Standard Size, yet easier to read! Now I know, over the years, the last thing you thought the Dake folks would do, would be to create an even smaller Dake Bible. After all, everyone wanted it larger, not smaller. Well, it may be hard to believe but in this case smaller is bigger! I guess you're just going to have to see it to believe it. Why not order yours today!


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